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Muay Thai Grades and the Pra-jit

Grading in Muay Thai is a western concept as in Thailand there is no grading system, it is simply a fighting style used for defense and offense.

Western gyms have brought in the concept for all the people who train at muay thai but have no interest in fighting. For example the people who train for fitness, self confidence or just because they enjoy it but do not wish to ever test themselves in the ring.

Where karate has the belts with coloured grades system recognised by all karate gyms with black belt being the highest grade. Thai Fighters on the other hand has no stand system and every different association will use its only colours for the different grades.

This being said there is a basic system running though all organisations.


With grades running from 1 to 10 and then usually 3 or 4 instructor grades (Grade 1 would be a beginner while Grade 10 would be an experienced fighter.)


The grade is represented via a Prajit (which is the braided rope worn on the upper arm of a thai boxer.) 

an example of a prajit worn by a muay thai fighter

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