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Muay Thai Fighter a site dedicated to UK boxers and the English fight scene. 

Here we focus on traditional thai boxing AKA the science of eight limbs, training and information for fighting. However, with the advent of MMA, K1 and other mixed fighting promotions that combine many fighting systems and as such these are also included as part of our site as they have many fighters in their respected competitions.

The New Muay Thai Forum has now launched please visit by clicking on the link at the top of page or click here for fighter talk - The forum is for any talk relating to our martial art, there is now swearing or flaming of new members for any reason.



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Around the different pages of this site you will find a wealth of information, hints and tips for both new boxers and experienced veterans, we have reviews of all the newest boxing equipment, we also give tips and information on cutting weight, hand wrapping, fainting and other useful tips for everyone. We also discuss the History of our sport and traditions including the ram muay/wai kru and traditional training gear and techniques.


The site has a large source of information totally focused on muay thai, the training required and what it takes to do be a fighter. All articles are written by fighters so you can gain from their years of experience training and knowledge of self defense. We will say right here to be a fighter take heart more than any other skill. But all of the skills for fighting can be learned by anyone who puts their mind to it and dedicates their time to training hard and staying focused.



Here we try and answer the questions like;

what are the best boxing gloves for sparing or fighting?

How long does it take to train to be a thai fighter?

Can i use this boxing from Thailand for self defense?

Will i be unbeatable in a fight?

What is the best punch to use?

How do i defend myself against many attackers?


We will also be conducing interviews with some UK profesional fighters to find out what it takes to be a fighter and how to be a champion, finding the secrets of the game from insiders with years of experience and knowledge to share.  

"Muay thai is the most brutal sport in existence" from blogcatalog.com



There is soon to be a Forum which is a Flame Free environment and is designed to be an excellent source of information for newbie's and Ajarns alike.

Please go to the forum page to sign up the forum is now Live and we have moderators waiting to answer questions on all aspects of training equipment and fighting.

 Thai Boxing Forum


This site is dedicated to the UK scene and its promotion.


Please add your Gym here via the UK gyms page.

We hope to add many pages in the comming weeks.

Articles are planned to be written about the best techniques for each of the weapons of a nak muay, including punches, kicks, knees, elbows and clinch work.


 We also will be writing content for some of the great fighters of our sport including;

Yodsaenklai Fairtex

John Wayne-Parr

Dzhabar Askerov

Anderson Silva

Wanderlei Silva 


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